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Ultimate Warrior figures & more

Welcome to Warrior collection

Hey guys, welcome to my site..I use to run this site a few years back with all sorts of info and prices on Warrior items...But sadly it was taken down and I lost all my precious pics and prices, info...you name it..I would love to start this up again as much as I could so if you have any questions about any item please feel free to ask...I have a bunch of items for sale or trade so feel free to ask about those as well...This site will be dedicated to the Ultimate Warrior wrestling Character not Jim Helwig aka Warrior so if you have a problem with him please go to his site

Some of my Warrior collection, the chair is super rare and the Buddy in the box is one of my faves
all sorts of figures and rare items
more figures and almost every variation of the Hasbro line
Puzzles , mask , rare slippers, coloring stuff
My favorite Warrior items...the unmatched Fury America warrior 1 of only 13 or 20, the Comice Warrior 1 of 20, the LJN Carded Warrior and the Unmatched un painted prototype figure...Should be getting my Zombie Warrior soon
More and more stuff!! I actually have a ot more stuff in storage just no space to display it at the moment..like Sleeping bag, shirts, sweaters, bean bag, wrestling ring
Sorry aome of the other items I collect are showing, I do collect many other items, Like Dan marino, Batman, Hot toys, WDCC Disney figurines, vintage toys...I will also post pics of them later on