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Home of the Ultimate Warrior Collection


Ultimate Warrior Collection. FEEL THE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello and welcome to my Warrior site, this will be a site dedicated to Warrior and wrestling collectors all over the world!  Since I last updated this site a lot has happened, I've gotten a few new items and the biggest news of all is that Warrior man himself has passed away..This was really tough on me , seeing my childhood hero die was very tough on me, I feel for his wife and 2 daughters, may God bless them and always have Warrior looking out for them , RIP BIG GUY !! My goal is to complete a site with everything that has been produced with The Ultimate Warrior Character in it, I mean Action figures, Games, Food items, Clothes , school supplies ETC.. you name it...Kind of like a guide, Like I said I use to run this site before but it was taken down, so I need your help to restore this fan site to what it once was! I've lost all my pictures but with time I will find new ones

Let's give Warrior and his fans a nice tribute site...A little about myself...My name is Damian I have 2 lil' Warriors of my own and figured I'd collect what I use to love most as a kid in the late 80's early 90's..and that's the Ultimate Warrior!! His character brought so much joy to me that I hope to pass that along to my kids..I collect his stuff out of pure Nostalgia, love for the character and return investment for my children in the future. It's well documented that Warrior's action figures and misc. items are the most valuable out of any wrestler bar none..So if you're in it for the money, then Warrior's items are the way to go..They will never lose money only gain..I've been collecting for many many years and there are only a few items I need..I happen to own one of the biggest Warrior collections out there so I know what I'm talking about..Doesn't matter whether you're a vet collector like myself or a newbie just getting started, this site is for all Warriors..So check it out, have fun and bare with me as this is a working progress!!


My newest Warrior item,.it's a ringworn set of trunks with matching Knee pads..looks to be the trunks worn in Surivivor series 1988 ,These were also used for the famous "Ho Kogan" "Plane Nose dive" Promo, probably his most famous promo of all time..